Resources for You and Your Family

Midtown Family Medicine recognizes that to help you and your loved ones meet your personal potential, you need the support of the community.  We have found the following services and organizations vital in our work to serve our patients.  If you have suggestions as to additions to this list or find that a contact number or link no longer works, please let us know.)  To follow a link, roll your cursor over the underlined portion of an entry, and click once.



The Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City developed CoverKC to help residents of the greater Kansas City area learn about potential insurance plans that both comply with the new regulations and meet each individual and family's budget and needs.  CoverKC offers telephone, online and in-person assistance.

Medicare enrollment can be accessed at (copy and paste the website into your URL)

Dr. Mike Evans is known worldwide for his work in innovative health messaging to the public. He has built a media lab that brings together filmmakers, designers, patients, and social media mavens. More than 10 million people have seen his famous whiteboard lectures on YouTube. His radio show on CBC’s Fresh Air is listened to widely. He and his creative group have pioneered Peer-to-Peer healthcare with unscripted interviews of patients with cancer in the The Truth of It film series, health info-graphics, health media curation, as well as founding a Med School for the Public at the University of Toronto.  Topics include: 1. Dialysis and Failing Kidneys  2. Low Back Pain  3. 23 and a Half Hours  4. Make Your Day Harder  5. 90:10 Stess  6. Flatulence  7. Smoking  8. Melanoma  9. Hip and Knee Replacement  10. Acne  11. Opioids  12. Diabetes  13. New Year's Resolutions  14. Cancer Fatigue  15. HPV Vaccine  16. Inflammatory Bowel Disease  17. Concussions 101

Dr. Evans is also a staff physician at St. Michael’s Hospital, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health, and a Scientist at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute. Current projects include crowdfunding The Better Life Project, a Walking Company called the 23 and ½ hours club, and being the CBC doctor for the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

His work has been profiled in a wide range of publications from JAMA to the Walrus to the Netflix blockbuster, Orange is the New Black. Recent awards include being chosen as the top 10 innovators in health by the Canadian Medical Association, top 45 Canadians over 45, and the Gold medal in Social media at the Web Health Awards.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, is often recognized for its leadership in research and emergency preparedness and responsiveness.  This website provides practical information and guidance on a variety of health issues such as travelers health, life stages and healthy living.

Family Doctor is operated by the American Academy of Family Physicians.  The colorful comprehensive website provides a variety of articles, tools and support related to items such as medical symptoms, ailments, physician and family communications, and prevention.

Midtown Family Medicine is proud to be a founding member of the Kansas City Metropolitan Physicians Association.  Our alliance is dedicated to make healthcare work better for everyone.


The National Institute of Health is the consumer website for the US Department of Health and Human Services.  Its mission includes the tenets of lengthening life, enhancing health and reducing the burdens of illness and disability.


Harvard Medical School’s Patient Education Center is a patient-based education library.  It is designed and written exclusively by Harvard Health Publications, the publishing arm of Harvard’s Medical School.



The Daily Plate is a fun website for those focused on making sustainable changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle.  Sponsored by LIVESTRONG, the site provides online daily food and exercise journals, community forums, recipe swaps and other motivational tools.


Eating Well provides inspiration and information to assist people in making healthy eating and lifestyle choices.  The site has thousands of nutritious, delicious recipes, other healthy habits tips, and a simple, easy to navigate site. 


The USDA hosts a wonderful website, entitled, Smart Information on Food and Human provides useful information on a wide variety of topics, related to food, nutrition and healthy habits, such as portion size, weight management, budget meal planning, shopping and cooking, and healthy eating tips for all stages in life.



The Allergy and Asthma Foundation was established to provide services and support to people with asthma and allergies.  Its website (linked above) has a vast database of information regarding allergens and treatment.  The local chapter’s telephone number is 816.333.6608 and has its own website, the greater Kansas City chapter ~ Allergy and Asthma Foundation.


The Alzheimer’s Association Heart of America Chapter is a bistate agency serving families dealing with Alzheimer’s and those suffering from it.  You can learn more by clicking on the link above or calling 1.800.272.3900.


The American Cancer Society provides resources, support and guidance to caregivers and those living with cancer.  For more information about local services, please contact 816.218.7111 or visit the webpage of the American Cancer Society ~ greater Kansas City chapter.


The American Diabetes Association created a website which offers advice on advocacy, prevention, support, treatment and a variety of other helpful tools for those living with diabetes.  The telephone number for the local chapter of the American Diabetes Association is 913.383.8210.


Cardiac disease is one of the leading causes of death in women.  The website of the American Heart Association provides a comprehensive menu of options for patients, interested parties and those living with heart disease.  This website has it all – from healthy recipes to research progress to symptoms to emergency preparedness support.  To learn more, please visit the above link or call the local Heart Association office at 913.652.1913.


Recovering from a stroke demands a comprehensive arena of support, long after medical rehabilitation.  Providing support and services on both sides of the state line, the American Stroke Foundation is dedicated to assisting stroke survivors and their families.  You can find out more about this agency by clicking on the link or contacting the Stroke Foundation at 913.649.1776.


The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is committed to provide support and guidance to those living with MS and their caregivers.  The telephone number to the local chapter of the MS Society is 913.432.3926.



The Family Conservancy serves nearly 47,000 greater Kansas City families each year.  It provides education, counseling and employment resources and support for families.  The Conservancy has locations all over the greater Kansas City community.  To contact them for an appointment, you can click on the link above or call 913-342-1110 for general information or 913-742-4357 for counseling assistance.


Hunger is a problem that afflicts families and individuals in all walks of life.  One in five children in America will go hungry tonight.  There are a variety of sources for food pantries and emergency assistance in our community.  Harvesters, the Community Food Network 816.929.3000.


Mid-America Assistance Coalition is a local nonprofit agency which coordinates emergency assistance with agencies for individuals in need.  MAAC’s telephone number is 816.561.2727.


Parents As Teachers is a parent-education program that provides home visits, beginning prenatally or at birth.  Parent-educators ensure that new parents have the tools and knowledge vital to child development and the skills essential to prepare young children for school.  Parents As Teachers is based in nearly every school district in greater Kansas City.  To find the Parents As Teachers program nearest you, please visit the Parents As Teachers ~ Locations website.


Shepherd’s Centers of America is an interfaith, volunteer-based network which provides programming, social activity and lifeskills to adults in their mature years.  Greater Kansas City hosts several chapters throughout our community.  To learn more, please visit the above link of telephone the main office at 816.960.2022.


The United Way of Greater Kansas City provides resources and support to area agencies and programs.  If you find yourself in need of services in the greater Kansas City area, please dial 2-1-1 (or 816.474.5112), the United Way’s 24-7 emergency hotline.  To learn more about the United Way of Greater Kansas City, please visit the United Way of Greater Kansas City website, call 816.472.4289, or go online to the 2-1-1 website for online resources.  For information about the United Way of Wyandotte County, please visit the United Way of Wyandotte County website or call 913.371.3674.



HeadStart provides comprehensive education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income children and their families.  This national program focuses on improved family relationships, enhanced children’s physical and emotional progress, and strengthened cognitive skills.  The Mid-America Regional Council coordinates HeadStart’s local efforts in Western Missouri and the Kansas HeadStart oversees the Eastern Kansas programs.  To learn more, please go to the national HeadStart website link, one of the area HeadStart location's links below or contact:


HeadStart - Western Missouri (Clay, Jackson, Platte)


HeadStart - Wyandotte County


HeadStart- Johnson County



Midtown Family Medicine is pleased to sponsor and host one of the greater Kansas City area's Reach Out and Read programs.  Reach Out and Read is a national program which partners with doctors, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals to provide literacy support to families with young children. Each year, this tremendous program serves four million children across the nation.  For more information about Reach Out and Read, please ask our staff, visit the national Reach Out and Read website, the local greater Kansas City Reach Out and Read website, or call 913.588.2793.




The greater Kansas City community is home to several wonderful lending libraries, with activities and events, as well as fascinating film and music archives - we encourage you to check out your neighborhood library, or visit one that's new to you (and please let us know if we have left any off our list). 


Johnson County Library


Kansas City Kansas Public Library


Kansas City Public Library


Mid-Continent Public Library


North Kansas City Library



Parks & Trails

The greater Kansas City community has a wealth of parks, recreations centers and trails, accessible for all.  While there is no one comprehensive list of area park services, we have identified several suggestions for you to explore. (Follow the links or call to learn more),

Suggested links to greater Kansas City park lists, maps and detail



Clay County, Missouri


Jackson County, Missouri


Johnson County Parks and Recreation


Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation


North Kansas City


Overland Park, Kansas


Platte County, Missouri


Shawnee, Kansas


Wyandotte County



Suggested Links to Trailmaps in greater Kansas City


In Missouri

Swope Park Trail

Cliff Drive (one of Dr. Thompson's favorites!)

Jackson County Trails

Montgall Park

Noble Park

Penn Valley Park

Platte County Trails

Riverfront Heritage Trail

Robert Gillham Park

Clay County Trails


In Kansas

Johnson County Parks Dept. Trails Guides

Indian Creek Trail

Mill Creek Streamway

Turkey Creek Streamway

Kill Creek Park

Heritage Park

Antioch Park


Hiking & Biking

Bicycling and walking are economical, healthy, fun, green ways to create family outings, run errands, and engage in cardiovascular activities.  The parks and trails we list above offer great opportunities for trailing, hiking and cycling. Additionally, the greater Kansas City community has incorporated more bike lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, bike racks and other savvy pedestrian/cycling considerations into our streets and logistics.  It's getting easier and easier to move in our community!

There are several organizations in greater Kansas City that offer bicycle-pedestrian safety programs and other clinics.  Two of our favorites are BikeWalkKC (816-205-7056) and the KC Metro Bike Club.

Check out the Mid America Regional Council Bike Trails webpage for several great links and maps to cycling trails on both sides of the state line.  And, last but not least, KCBike also offers a terrific Greater Kansas City Bike Trails Map.

Farmers Markets

Farmer’s Markets are a wonderful opportunity for families to take advantage of low cost, nutritious, locally grown food.  They are a fun way to introduce your family to fruits, vegetables and other foods.  Wear comfortable shoes and remember to take your tote bags.  Additionally, farmers markets are a longstanding tradition in greater Kansas City and more are ‘cropping up’ every year.  As of this website publishing, we found the following farmers markets in our community and encourage you to take advantage of them.

In Missouri

Bannister Farmers Market, Bannister Federal Complex Parking Lot, Troost Ave & 92nd Street, KCMO

Days and Hours: Tuesday, 10:30am ~ 1pm

Season: June through September



Blue Springs Downtown Market, 11th and Main Streets

Days and Hours: Saturday, 7am ~ noon

Season: 1st Saturday of May through last Saturday of October



Briarcliff Farmers MarketBriarcliff Village Center, next to Green Acres and Trezo Mare, KCMO

Days and Hours: Thursday, 3pm ~ 7pm

Season: May through September

Accept EBT/SNAP/SFMNP: Depends on the vendor


Farmers Community Market, Border Star Montessori, 63rd Street and Wornall Road, Brookside, KCMO

Days and Hours: Saturday, 8am ~ 1pm

Season: Opens April 20



City Market20 East 5th Street, Downtown KCMO

Days and Hours: Saturday, 6am ~ 3:30pm/ Sunday, 7am ~ 3:30pm

Season: Year round



Gladstone Farmers Market525 NE 70th Street, Gladstone

Days and Hours: Wednesday, 2pm ~ 6pm

Season: May 15 ~ September 25



Grand Court Four Seasons Center Farmers Market107th and Wornall, KCMO

Days and Hours: Saturday, 9am ~ noon

Season: Year round



Grandview Farmers MarketMain and 8th Street, Grandview

Days and Hours: Saturday, 7am ~ noon/ Tuesday, 2pm ~ 6pm

Season: June through October



Independence Farmers MarketTruman Road, between Main & Liberty, Independence

Days and Hours: Saturday & Wednesday, 5am ~ 1pm

Season: Saturday, May ~ October/Wednesday, June ~ October



Lee’s Summit Farmer’s MarketCorner of Second and Douglas, Lee's Summit

Days and Hours: Saturday & Wednesday, 7am ~ sold out

Season: April through November



Minor Park Organic Farmers Market, just East of Holmes on Red Bridge Road (111th Street), KCMO

Days and Hours: Saturday, 8am ~ 12:30pm

Season: May ~ October



Niles Garden Market1911 East 23rd Street, KCMO

Days and Hours: Tuesday, 4pm ~ 6:30pm

Season: June ~ October



North Kansas City Farmers MarketCorner of Armour Road & Howell Street, North Kansas City

Days and Hours: Friday, 7am ~ 1:30pm

Season: May ~ October

Accept EBT/SNAP/SFMNP: Depends on the vendor


English Landing ParkDowntown Parkville, South of the railroad tracks, Parkville

Days and Hours: Saturday, 7am ~ sold out /Wednesday, 3pm ~ 6pm

Season: April ~ October



Troostwood Youth Garden5142 Paseo, KCMO

Days and Hours: Friday, 3pm ~ 8pm/ Saturday, 9am ~ 3pm

Season: May 26 ~ October



Waldo Farmers MarketOne Block East of 79th and Wornall, KCMO

Days and Hours: Wednesday, 3pm ~ 7pm

Season: May ~ September



Westport Plaza Farmers MarketNW Corner of Westport Road and Wyoming St., KCMO

Days and Hours: Wednesday, 4:30pm ~ 7:30pm

Season: May ~ October



Zona Rosa Farmers MarketZona Rosa Breezeway, NW Corner of I-29 & Barry Rd, KCMO

Days and Hours: Tuesday, 4pm ~ 8pm

Season: June ~ August



In Kansas

KCK GreenmarketJuniper Gardens, 3rd and Richmond, KCK

Days and Hours: Monday, 9am ~ 1pm

Season: May 27 ~ October 14



KCK Greenmarket2220 Central Avenue, KCK

Days and Hours: Tuesday, 7:30am ~ noon

Season: June 4 ~ September 30



KCK GreenmarketStrawberry Hill, 6th and Barnett, KCK

Days and Hours: Wednesday, 8am and 1pm

Season: May 29 ~ October 16



Merriam Marketplace5740 Merriam

Days and Hours: Saturday, 7am ~ 1pm

Season: May 4 ~ October 12

Accept EBT/SNAP/SFMNP: Depends on the vendor


Olathe Farmers MarketCity Hall West Annex Building Parking Lot, 200 West Santa Fe

Days and Hours: Saturday, 8am ~ 2pm/ Wednesday, 3pm ~ 6pm

Season: Saturday, April 21 ~ October 20/ Wednesday, June 6 ~ September 26



Overland Park Farmers Market7950 Marty

Days and Hours: Saturday, 6:30am ~ 1pm/ Wednesday, 7:30am ~ 1pm

Season: Saturday, April 13 ~ November 23/ Wednesday, May 22 ~ September 25

Accept EBT/SNAP/SFMNP: Depends on the vendor


Rosedale Farmers Market4020 Southwest Boulevard, KCK

Days and Hours: Sunday, 11am ~ 2pm

Season: May 19 ~ September 29



Shawnee Farmers MarketCity Hall Parking Lot, 11110 Johnson Drive

Days and Hours: Saturday, 7am ~ 4pm

Season: May ~ October



Spring Hill Farmers MarketSpring Hill Elementary School Parking Lot, South Webster, near 215th Street

Days and Hours: Saturday, 7:30am ~ noon

Season: May 18 ~ August 31